Lots of comapnies have donated awesome prizes for dirtgirl to give away as part of her eco carnivale on World Environment Day.  This year one lucky winner will take home a major prize pack including ...

5 Vegie starter packs from Dickers Garden



 20 assorted herbs of your choice OR

a worm farm starter pack including live worms

from the Byron Bay Herb Nursery



Garden Party Boxes from Eco Party Box

  • 16 x small white plates (180mm) made from sugar cane fibre
  • 16 x white bowls (354ml/12oz) made from sugar cane fibre
  • 3 large white platters
  • and lots lots more



100 organic cotton face wipes from Natures Child



2 recycled stationary packs from Going Green Solutions including,

1 x 100% post consumer recycled paper ream

1 x cornstarch letter opener

1 x eco-stapler



A raised garden bed from Vegepod



an ecostore healthy bucket from ecostore


12 wooden tool sets from twigz

Latest Carnivale listings

Address : 1245 Casstra Road Suburb : Sprent
We have made a food foreset/outdoor area and we are going to clebrate the new space by having a lunch time jam session with the students and teachers.
The day will be a rubish free lunch day and the students will be able to personalize their new calico canteen bags with natural dyes and leaves. Hot drinks will be served in reusable cups and we will have popcorn and local fruit.There is also lots of planting in the garden beds that will continue.
Address : Chickaba Drive Suburb : East Ballina
The school community is being encouraged to do some or all of the following: 
· Ride or walk to school;
· Bring food with no throw away packaging (be creative). Use the worm farms and compost bins located around the school for organic scraps (found at the science, admin, Distance Ed & Food Tech blocks); 
· Turn off lights (unless really required)…. especially if not in the room; 
· Avoid using air –conditioners or heating; 
· Have a paper free day – so no photocopied worksheets ALL DAY! 
· Teach a lesson that has an environmental theme
Those people that get involved in the day will be able to pick up a raffle ticket for the day and be eligible for the World Enviornment Day Raffle.